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I'll be off for a while. I'm moving tomorrow.
More art will come when I'm settled and have internetacess again.
A lot of Janet by crazy-fruit
A lot of Janet

Eyacolour: blue
Haircolour: red

During one of her missions as a soldier she lost her eyesight on the right eye (she now wears an eyepatch), her right arm and a big part of her leg. After a long stay in hospital she is depressed and doesn't find join in life without her right body parts. Her psychatrist Juvia is the first to suggest prothesis for her giving Janet the hope she needed. As they spent a lot of time together Juvia falls in love with Janet and later acts on her feelings leading them to become a couple.

Janet spirited, likes to joke, can be lazy about the household, enjoys long sleepsessions, would do anything for her friends and loved ones, never fears to take action in a fight.

Trivia: At first she was ment to be a futuristic Samurai. Named her after Janet Varney the voiceactress of Korra.
A lot of Juvia by crazy-fruit
A lot of Juvia

Eyecolour: depends
Haircolour: dark with a shimer of blue
Age: around 300 years

Juvia is an alienprincess who leaves her homeplanet (she is no important heir. She would run away from her duties as heir) to travel and grow as a person. She always had problems to read peoples feelings so she decides to become a psychatrist. During her work she meets Janet who she falls in love with very soon. (One of her alienabilities is that everyone of her species has a soulmate who they recognize) Juvia let's Janet time to develop a friendship between them before she acts on her feelings. Luckly Janet shares the feelings and they become a couple.

Juvia appears to the most people as cold and not very chatty. She is very confident about herself though she doesn't shows it. In company of trusted people she opens herself, enjoys discussions and to mostly everyones suprise likes to joke around. She can be very supportive if the person is worth it.

Her alienspecials:

- her eyecolour changes from coldblue (normal) to a bright greenblue (when she is emotional)
- more are there but not thought through


From time to time I really enjoy drawing her as evil and mad. I'm not sure if this emotion will ever be part of her story but she can be super badass and easly kill somebody if she wants to.

Trivia: Named her Juvia/Lluvia which is the spanish word for rain. She can be cold and harsh as autmnrain but also joyfull and warm as summerrain. In her I mixed some old OCs of mine.
A lot of Olivier by crazy-fruit
A lot of Olivier
Or better said this years birthdaypresent for :iconlapis-razuri:

The note that you watch me is still in my inbox. Sometimes I can't believe you watch me. Your still a major inspirationssource for me. Not only artwise but also working your ass off! I had quite some ideas for this of the finals included Olivier and a falcon (wouldn't be sure wich one... European or American Kestrel,  Peregrine, Eleoneres falcon, Lannerfalcon even a common buzzard would sort of fit (sorry still a huge birdgeek)). So I started to sketch Olivier and suddenly filled a whole page with him (pls ignore the random dude on the upper left). (Maybe I liked to sketch him because omg long hair can look so good on men hrhrhr) Well I never came to do the full idea (searching a flat and moving out this weekend)....maybe soon or next year.
In short:
I wish you a happy birthday, with a lot of cake, friends and presents (and what else you wish)

PS.: If you ever want to visit Lower Bavaria feel free to contact me ;)
My last journal (not counting the DA birthday one) was around 1 Year ago. 2 days before I left my hometown for my volunteer year. I'm back since Sundaynight and I guess it's the right time to write a little review.

In August I started at the northcoast of Germany. I lived in a small house in the middle of nowhere with no internet except my surfstick which had nearly no signal. I learned a lot about birds in the first month.
My main task was to count every second weekend the birds in a certain area. The waddensea is the most important restarea for birds during their migraton from Scandinavia, Taymyr Peninsula and west Greenland to Banc d' Augin in Africa or even South Africa. Here the birds can rest and feed to get enough energy to fly non-stop South or North. Because the birds are all in one place they get counted every second weekend from the Netherlands to Denmark.
Counting a small amount of birds is easy but counting a swarm of several thousands isnt!
Untitled by crazy-fruit
This is only a small part of an oystercatcherswarm. Counting everyone would take to much time but guessing is to vague. So you count 10 birds and add the area the take to the whole swarm.

We also checked the dirt line every second weekend for dead birds which the sea washed onshore. You check the birds for oil and rings. It's interesting how you almost after every storm find a fulmar or that you find during August and December a lot of young gulls because they don't survive their first weeks without the parents feeding.

In September I transfered onto the Island Langeoog where I spent the rest of my year!

Untitled by crazy-fruit
Sunset at Emshavn (Netherlands)
Untitled by crazy-fruit
Upcoming storm at Langeoog
Untitled by crazy-fruit
Dunes in December
Untitled by crazy-fruit

At the end of march we started to go though terrain and note down most of the breeding birds on maps. You need to start before dawn because most of the birds sing the most a dawn. We most of the time worked for 10hrs a day. It was the most exausting time but also the best.

What you get for staying up at 4:30am:

Untitled by crazy-fruit
Untitled by crazy-fruit

Untitled by crazy-fruit

Now onto the birds:

During birdmigration and with the right wind is nearly everything possible:

Untitled by crazy-fruit
A snowgoose. Maybe you know them from documentries and than you remember they actually live in America but not Europe! This is right but you can't be sure if it didn't escape a zoo or similair.

Untitled by crazy-fruit

A beared vulture. They still are the rarest raptors in europe. Their wings can nearly be 3m long. This one was a young one who propapbly came from the Austrain or Swiss Alps.

Untitled by crazy-fruit

A red-necked phalarope. I hoped for this bird for many months. One day in May it thankfully showed it self.

All in all it was an amazing year and if you ever ask yourself if you should do a volunteeryear: DO IT!

Please note that I'm no longer in any connection with the organisations. Everything I wrote here is my own opinion and doesn't represent the organsiations or people.
If you have any questions about my year or birds ask away!

You are not allowed to use these photos for anything!

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UlrichVIII Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2015
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Hell yeah! But I probably won't be able to watch his streams. :(
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Thank you very much for the watch !

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Thank you for the submition :)
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Hi! Ich hab dich gerade über deine sehr ansprechenden Aquarelle gefunden und hab dann gerade auf deiner Seite gesehen, dass Du ans Wattenmeer gezogen bist?  Das finde ich wahnsinnig cool - Ich liebe die Nordsee <33
Und Robben gibt es da oben doch auch, oder? Du hast es gut, haha. ;D
Viel Spaß im Norden!
crazy-fruit Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

vielen Dank für das Kompliment. Einige deiner Aquarelle gefallen mir auch sehr gut.

Es stimmt tatsächlich, dass ich im hohen Norden lebe und arbeite. Ich kann deine Liebe zur Nordsee sehr gut verstehen. Insgesamt ein toller Lebensraum.

Genau. Es gibt hier Seehunde und Kegelrobben. Selten verirrt sich auch mal ein Walross hierher.

Vielen Dank!
Dir auch, wo auch immer du gerade bist ;)
HondaKikuLove Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Student Writer
I love your art
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